Tribute to Dr. Ed Johnson – Dr. Earl Jessup

Tribute to Dr. Ed Johnson – Dr. Earl Jessup

Our dear friend and co-worker, Pastor Ed Johnson, affectionately known as “Preacher”, entered the presence of his Saviour last evening around 8:00.  He suffered from bladder cancer which metastasized to his lungs in recent years.  Pastor Johnson is the founding pastor of Baptist Church Planting Ministry.  His wise advice and calls of encouragement will be greatly missed.

When I began BCPM, Pastor Johnson invited us to move to Rosemount, Minnesota and establish the ministry through First Baptist of Rosemount.  In August, 1993, we moved our family to Rosemount and under the leadership of Pastor Johnson, BCPM was started that month.  Without his valuable help and advice, BCPM would never be the ministry it is today. In the early days, I needed to travel a great deal and Pastor Johnson told me that I could not be away from my family but two weeks at a time.  He made sure the ministry did not take away from our family.

Last evening I wrote to our kids and let them know if his passing.  One of the kids wrote, “My favorite memory is when he came to visit us when Taffy (our dog) was put to sleep.  It really showed his love for our family.”  Many times he would be there for them when I had to be on the road.

Pastor Johnson pastored First Baptist from 1967 to 2002.  He started First Baptist School in 1971 and all of our children graduated from First Baptist.  For many years, he served as Vice-President of Baptist Church Planting Ministry and gave valuable leadership to the ministry and to me personally. Many times, when the ministry was under attack, Pastor Johnson publicly defended the ministry and the philosophy of the ministry.  He can never be replaced, only missed.

Please pray for the family and the church at this time.  His home-going service will be held Monday at 2:00 PM at First Baptist Church in Rosemount, Minnesota.

“Rejoicing in Hope” Romans 12:12
Dr. Earl D. Jessup


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