The Role of the Church Planter’s Wife (Part 1)

The Role of the Church Planter’s Wife (Part 1)

Several years ago, a friend of ours had a daughter who was dating a young man preparing for the ministry. As he was contemplating a proposal of marriage, his mother, who was a pastor’s wife, asked her son if the young lady had been called to be a pastor’s wife. The young lady’s mother asked us about this “call- ing.” My husband and I agreed that young ladies only have a calling to be a servant of Christ. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to you dear pastor’s wives that we are not “called” to be pastor’s wives, but we are all called to be servants for God,willing to do whatever the Lord has for us to do. There is no particular call found in the Scripture for a woman. But we are all called to be willing servants for God when we are saved. Even as a seven year old child, trusting Christ as my Savior, I think I can say that I have always had a tender heart toward the things of God. Therefore I feel that I was always willing to serve the Lord with my life. This could have been God molding me and preparing my life for service as a pas- tor’s wife. Many of you may feel the same. In Genesis 2:18, it states, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make an help meet for him.” Our main concern and responsibility should be that we are a help meet for our husband.

As a pastor’s wife there will be sacrifices that we will need to make along the way. II Corinthians 8:5 says, “And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.” We must keep a positive attitude and realize that the results of the ministry are worth the sacrifices we make along the way. In 1993, when we started the Baptist Church Planting Ministry, we made a very big financial sacrifice when we gave all we had to do this. For the first two or three years, we lived off the profit of the sale of our home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My husband had to start traveling to raise funds for our monthly support. I worked at the Christian school five hours every day and then went home to teach piano lessons several days a week. Yes, we made some sacrifices in order to follow God’s leading in our lives. Yes, it was hard to leave the comfortable position we had in Winnipeg. We loved Winnipeg; we were very happy and very comfortable too, but God had something different for us to do for Him! We had to step out on faith that God would meet our needs and take care of us. I have to say that He has always been faithful to meet every need we have had through the many years that we have served Him.

When we moved to Rosemount, Minnesota, in 1993, our oldest daughter was in her second year of college, and Jay was a senior in high school. I believe that it was a very difficult move for him because it was his senior year. Susanna was in the ninth grade, Rachel was in seventh, and Joel was in the fifth grade. In the first ten years of starting BCPM, our children made some big sacrifices to see churches started. Although my husband was traveling, he listened to our pastor’s advice. Dr. Ed Johnson was our pastor at First Baptist in Rosemount, MN. He advised my husband to only be away from home for two weeks at a time with his meetings. My husband followed the advice and made a good situation out of this new life we found ourselves living. One day before going out on the road, he asked Susanna how she felt about him being away and she said, “Dad, as long as it is working, I am for it.” I was really proud of her as a teenager giving him that answer. She was a junior in high school at this time. This answer was very encouraging to our hearts. As time has gone by, we can only praise the Lord for all He has done through this church plant- ing ministry in using us as his servants.

A sacrifice, you bet!!!! Even sacrificing can be a lesson for our children to learn!

I Samuel 12:24 says, “Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.”

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