Reaping the Harvest

Reaping the Harvest

The fields of corn and beans are ready to be harvested. Farmers will be harvesting their crops to feed people all over the world. Just as people will need to be fed from the harvesting of crops to keep them from dying physically, there is another demand to feed them the Word of God to keep them from dying spiritually.Baptist Church Planting Ministry takes up a “Reaping the Harvest Offering” each fall to help plant churches in needy areas of the world to bring them the salvation message of Jesus Christ. This offering is used to help cover the many expenses involved in helping these churches get off to a good start. It is used for John/Romans, shipping costs, all our travel to help these churches and any other expenses with which we can help. In at least two ways this offering is similar to a farmer and his crops:

First of all, most farmers are hoping to double or triple their investment with their crops. When money is given to the “Reaping the Harvest Offering” a person’s investment is greatly multiplied. In fact, statistics show that for every $1000.00 given to help a church start, that church will return approximately $15,500 to missions within the first twenty five years of existence. In the past 16 years, the churches that BCPM have helped start give over $2,000,000 annually to missions. The return is tremendous.

Secondly, most farmers’ crops will be stored and dispersed throughout the next year in America and other countries to help feed the population. As the “Reaping the Harvest Offering” is taken, the money is stored up to be dispersed for the church plants throughout the next year. With at least six church plants being organized for 2011, the need will once again be great. The average BCPM expense per church plant is $3000 which means we will already need at least $18,000 to effectively help these plants. It is a wonderful comfort to these pastors that we can help them get started without being a financial burden to them.  Because of the offering we are able to help these churches with no expense to them.

Please pray and ask the Lord what He may want you to give for this offering. Time is short, the need to reach the world through church planting is great, and your help is vital to carry out this important ministry.

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