Lower Standards?

Lower Standards?


I’ve searched the Internet and looked everywhere I can.  I have watched and listened to commercials to see if I can find one.  There just aren’t any out there. I can’t find anyone or any business that uses lower standards to bring in business and clients.  I can’t find a dentist or doctor that is offering discounts because they sterilize their instruments after every third patient. I have looked for an automobile company that is advertising a lower price because they use lower quality parts on their brakes.  They just aren’t out there!  If there is a business in North America that are following the lead of contemporary churches to attract people, I just can’t find one!!!!!!!!  Where are they???

In fact, it is just the opposite.  I found; Meijer – “Higher Standards”; Bank of America – “Higher Standards”; Rome Insurance Agency – “Higher Standards”; Home Life Realty – “Higher Standards”; Ford – “Quality is Job One”; and British Columbia’s Minister of Education, George Abbott, writing, “The plan consists of five key elements; personalized learning for every student; quality teaching and learning; flexibility and choice; high standards; and learning empowered by technology.” 

I think if we talked to any company trying to compete in the marketplace, they are promoting higher standards for their business and top quality products.  It seems the business world knows that the higher they can keep their standards; the better the product they will produce and the more clients and customers they will attract.

The Bible says in Luke 16:8, “For the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light.”  Why is it that the only place where people seem to want to lower the standard is the church?  I recently asked this question to a group of young adults and one young man said, “Because we are wicked flesh.”  What an astute answer.  There is always a battle between our wicked flesh and the higher standards set forth by the Scripture.  Sadly, many churches are caving in to the desires of fleshly members and lowering their standards.  The church is the only place where people don’t understand that lower standards equal lower quality.  Maybe this is the reason we are so powerless in impacting our communities for Christ?

Now is the time for local churches to begin promoting “Higher Standards” like the companies listed above.  While doing so, we should also instruct our church family that higher standards are a good thing. Higher standards produce better quality.  Everyone in the business world knows this and we should as well.  Secondly, when higher standards are promoted we attract people who are looking for quality.  There are people who are sick and tired of churches that lower their standards but we are afraid to promote that we have a higher standard.  We should never be ashamed of belonging to a church where one strives for a high standard. People in our communities will attend churches with higher standards when they understand that higher standards are a good thing, even for churches. Thirdly, when presented properly higher standards develop stronger churches.  It is time we begin to explain to our church families the biblical reasons we hold to a higher standard.  When we do that, they will not be tempted to take their families to the churches that are luring them away with worldliness and entertainment.

Satan has used the contemporary church movement to attract people from our churches by lowering their standards of music, preaching and dress.  The philosophy of this movement is that God is not interested in high standards. They have taken this argument and promoted it so much that people believe it without even thinking it through.

Please consider this carefully.  Not one business would promote lower standards because they know that lower standards do not stand for high quality and people want the highest quality they can get. Neither should the church lower their standards.  We should never let the “children of this world be wiser than the children of light.”

  • Norma Jean
    Posted at 01:54h, 05 May Reply

    Well said!!!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!
    The other day I saw a spider in our house, and when he heard me he ran over and stood beside the black tile which made it hard to see him as he had blended in with his environment. Then I remember the verse, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see…” I thought if we blend in with our environment and dress, talk and act like the world, how will our light shine, how will they see us?

  • Pastor Mike Walls
    Posted at 10:46h, 08 May Reply

    Excellent. I am going to share this with my pastor friends

  • Pastor Marc Knoedler
    Posted at 20:31h, 10 June Reply

    Well said, Bro. Jessup!
    Note: The beauty of diamonds for sale is contrasted with the black background of felt that the jeweler uses to display those diamonds. When our world is darkest, we can shine more brightly for our Lord.

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