Kalamazoo Baptist Church – Kalamazoo, MI

October 2-6  Pastor Seth Green

Reproducing church/Pastor (Parker Memorial Baptist Church – Pastor Jim Green)

Kalamazoo is a city in the southwest region of the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the county seat of Kalamazoo County. As of the 2010 census, Kalamazoo had a total population of 74,262. Kalamazoo is the major city of the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 335,340 as of 2015. Kalamazoo is equidistant from the major American cities of Chicago and Detroit, each fewer than 150 miles away.

One of Kalamazoo’s most notable features is the Kalamazoo Mall, an outdoor pedestrian shopping mall. The city created the mall in 1959 by closing part of Burdick Street to auto traffic, although two of the mall’s four blocks have been reopened to auto traffic since 1999. Kalamazoo is home to Western Michigan University, a large public university, Kalamazoo College, a liberal arts school, and Kalamazoo Valley Community College, a two-year community college.

First Get Acquainted Meeting

Close to twenty 20,000 John and Romans have gone out in the community along with 500 signs to advertise a new church starting in Kalamazoo, MI. The Lord blessed the first opening night of Kalamazoo Baptist Church with thirty two in attendance including nineteen guests from the community. Fellowship Baptist church in Jackson, MI, sent over a few members to help with the service and they were excited to help. Pray for the remaining nights as we seek the Lord in establishing this work in a growing and needy area.



Michael Corser of fellowship Baptist Church in Jackson, MI, traveled an hour and a half to attended the meetings.

Second Get Acquainted Meeting

123 people attended the second opening meeting for Kalamazoo Baptist church. Six churches traveled over to help with the meeting and were a great encouragement to Pastor Green. It is always good to see several Independent Baptist churches cooperate to assist with the birthing of a new church. Sixteen guests returned from the community and stayed to fellowship with the pastor and others. Pray for the Lord to continue to do his work in and through this church.


Preachers who attended the second night.


Pastor Jim Green, of Parker Memorial Baptist Church, the reproducing church, lead in prayer.

Third Get Acquainted Meeting

The third meeting for Kalamazoo Baptist Church was again well attended. Forty-three were in attendance with thirteen returning from the community. Six pastors also attended and were a great help with the meeting. Kalamazoo Baptist Church is a new church that was given the building and property from another church. The building needed repair and local churches and faithful men stepped in and helped spruce it up and made it look sharp and presentable. Pastor Green continues to receive contacts from interested people in the community and it will be exciting to hear about souls saved and lives changed because of the efforts. Pray for the remaining two nights and for the Lord to move in a great way.


The building the new church was able to acquire.



Pastor Jayson Godsey of Faith Baptist Church in Cadillac, MI.


The new nursery.


The fellowship hall was totally reconstructed with a kitchen, nursery, and classroom off to the side.


The remodelled foyer.

Fourth Get Acquainted Meeting

The Spirit of God was very evident during the fourth opening night as He continues to mold and shape His church. There were thirty three in attendance with ten returning from the community. Each night the kids have enjoyed outdoor activities and the kids program during the service. With all the activities many neighbors have stopped by the church and asked questions. These meetings have been a great way to introduce the new church to the community. Pray for the final night and for the Lord to be glorified as He builds His church in Kalamazoo.  


Pastor Seth Green and family.


The kids have enjoyed the activities
before the evening services.

Final Get Acquainted Meeting

The final opening night for Kalamazoo Baptist Church was special with Pastor Jim Green of Parker Memorial Baptist Church, the reproducing church, introducing Pastor Seth Green to be the pastor of the new church. The Green family has a rich long heritage of preachers and it is good to see Pastor Seth Green continuing this legacy. Pastor Don Green, who has pastored Parker Memorial Baptist since 1955 and is Seth’s grandfather, even traveled over this week to encourage the new work. During the Get Acquainted Meetings this week there where people and pastors from fifteen different churches who came to help, nineteen people from the community attended the services, and ten families visited during the kid’s activities before the services each night. Pray now for the first Sunday and for souls to be saved and people to draw closer to the Lord through Kalamazoo Baptist Church.


Pastor Seth Green received special gifts from his Father, Pastor Jim Green, during the service.


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