Jeremy Rowland – October 2016

Jeremy Rowland – October 2016

Thank you to all those who prayed for our ministry and for the five new churches that have been reproduced in the last six weeks. The travels, investments, and physical efforts have been worth it! These church plants in East Providence, RI; Potsdam, NY; Glen Allen, VA; Kalamazoo, MI; and West Kelowna, British Columbia all had a healthy start and have had a steady stream of visitors. You can see pictures and read of the details by visiting Continue to pray for God’s protection and power as these baby churches further the gospel in their needy areas. Pray also for the preparations of many church plants that will take place in 2017 and 2018. It is a thrill to see communities saturated with the gospel and new churches established in dark areas. 

The Lord is continuing to bless the ministry of BCPM and our staff team is working to advance and promote the need for church planting. Brother Stastny is working diligently in the Pacific Northwest including Western Canada. He has been in several churches and conferences and has had ample opportunities to bolster the need for churches to reproduce churches. Brother Hill has been getting into several churches and conferences in and around the WV area and is learning a great deal about traveling and promoting. I have been traveling extensively trying to visit the many churches that supported Dr. Jessup while trying to keep my scheduled meetings. Mrs. Jessup has been writing a tribute to Dr. Jessup and you will be able to read it in the next issue of the Cultivator. We are busy, but it is a good and rewarding busy!

Many have already received information about this year’s Reaping the Harvest offering. The funds given to this offering go directly to help with each church plant and we are asking for you to pray and ask the Lord what He might want you to give. Visit to see the full brochure, read the testimonies of churches helped, and find out how to give through the mail or online. 

With the sinful state of our society, the need for establishing Bible-believing churches has never been more urgent. Thank you for investing in BCPM as we advance the need for planting churches that will preach the Word of God and shine the light of the gospel in needy areas. Through your giving these new churches are making a difference for now and eternity.

Striving together,

Jeremy Rowland

General Director BCPM

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