Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church – Conway, SC

Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church – Conway, SC

Over 20,000 John and Romans have been distributed in the city of Conway, SC, in preparation for a new church plant. The Get Acquainted Meetings for Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church  will be held Sunday, September 27 through Wednesday, October 1. The reproducing church is Friendship Baptist in Myrtle Beach under the leadership of Pastor Will George. Pastor Joe Pridgen, the new pastor, has had a good response from all of the evangelism with several saved and at least two following in baptism. One man received a J/R booklet and wanted to meet right away with Pastor Pridgen. As soon as they met the man said, “I want you to save me right now, I don’t to wait.” About one hour later he understood and accepted Christ as his savior. He then attended a Bible study and made plans to attend the church services. Pastor Pridgen also mentioned, “Oh, he also went home and poured all his alcohol down the drain!” It is exciting to see the Lord giving fruit already in Conway. Pray for God to continue to do a great work through the opening meetings and through this new baby church.

First Get Acquainted Meeting

There were sixty-five in attendance with eight guests from the community during the first Get Acquainted Meeting for Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church of Conway, SC. Pastor Will George of the reproducing church brought several of his his church members out to help serve in the meeting. One couple visiting from Michigan mentioned that they have been praying for years about moving to Conway and, after hearing about the new church plant, knew that it was now time to relocate and join and help with the new church plant. The Lord is obviously at work and forming His local church in this area. Pray now for the remaining nights as we seek to glorify the Lord in starting this new work.  


Second Get Acquainted Meeting

The Lord moved again in a wonderful way during the second Get Acquainted Meeting for Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church. There were forty-four in attendance with seven from the community including two more first-time guests. God’s presence could be sensed during the service through the singing and preaching and it is obvious that God is working to establish His church. Pastor Will George brought several members of Friendship Baptist to help once again with the various areas of service and it is a blessing to see their dedication. There is an eagerness and anticipation as we watch this new church come together and ask that you would continue to pray for these special meetings.

Pastor Will George of Friendship Baptist
gives credible remarks about the new church
and what God is doing in Conway.


Third Get Acquainted Meeting

There was a great sprint during the third night of the opening meetings for Gospel Light Baptist Church in Conway, SC. There were forty-two in attendance with one new guest and two returning from the community. A group from Open Door Independent Baptist Church in Marion, SC also attended and it was good to see Pastor Caudill and his church drive the distance on a Tuesday night to support the new work. Each night the excitement has been building as we have watched the Lord form His church in this needy city. Pray now for the final Get Acquainted Night as Pastor Pridgen preaches and shares his heart and burden.

The singing, preaching, and fellowship has been encouraging each night.

Preachers attending the third night
From left to right – Brother Rowland, Pastor George,
Pastor Pridgen, and Pastor Caudill.


Final Get Acquainted Meeting

There were fifty-three in attendance with three more first time visitors and nine returning from the community. Pastor Pridgen preached and shared his heart and vision from 2 Chronicles 7:14 and stated that his burden is to have daily revival with the Lord. After the service everyone was invited to go down the street and see the Sunday meeting place and to pray for God to have His way in establishing the new church. They have been constructing walls, painting, and cleaning the formed office building into a beautiful meeting place. Pray now for the Lord to fill the building and to establish a solid Bible-believing local church in the town of Conway, SC.

Pastor Pridgen preaches and shares his burden and
vision for the new church.

Prayer of dedication for the new meeting place.

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