East Bay Baptist Church – East Providence, RI

September 11-15 Pastor Tony Barbosa

Reproducing church/pastor (Greater RI Baptist Temple – Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh)

Providence is the capital and most populous city in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. Founded in 1636, it is one of the oldest cities in the United States.[4] It is located in Providence County, and is the third-largest city in the New England region after Boston and Worcester. Providence has a city population of 179,154 and is part of the Providence metropolitan area with an estimated population of 1,604,291, exceeding that of Rhode Island by about 60%, as it extends into southern Massachusetts.[5] This can be considered in turn to be part of the Greater Boston commuting area, which contains 7.6 million people. The city is situated at the mouth of the Providence River, at the head of Narragansett Bay.

Providence was founded by Roger Williams, a religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He named the area in honor of “God’s merciful Providence”, which he believed was responsible for revealing such a haven for him and his followers to settle. After becoming one of the first cities in the country to industrialize, Providence became noted for its jewelry and silverware industry. Today, the city of Providence is home to eight hospitals and seven institutions of higher learning, which has shifted the city’s economy into service industries, though it still retains significant manufacturing activity.

Once nicknamed the “Beehive of Industry”, Providence began rebranding itself as the “Creative Capital” in 2009 to emphasize its educational resources and arts community.

First Get Acquainted Meeting

There were seventy-four in attendance during the first Get Acquainted Meeting for East Bay Baptist Church in East Providence, RI. Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh of Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple, the reproducing church, opened in prayer asking the Lord to bless the service. It is exciting to see Pastor Amsbaugh launch out by faith and reproduce his church in this needy area. The people of Greater Rhode Island Baptist did a wonderful job helping with the service and showing their support. Most stayed after to fellowship with Pastor Tony Barbosa and to give encouragement. It is obvious that the Lord is doing His work in East Providence. Pray for His blessing upon the remaining four special nights.


Pastor Tony Barbosa with one of many signs
advertising the special meetings.41a64b2a-2fee-45ee-b5e9-31519c6742d9

Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh lead his church in voting the new church into existence, the constitution in place,
and for Pastor Barbosa to be the new pastor.

Second Get Acquainted Meeting

The Lord continued to work during the second opening meeting for East Providence Baptist Church with fifty-six in attendance including two first-time guests from the community. A good number of members from Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple, the reproducing church, attended the meeting and were a great blessing once again. Pastor Charles Fields of Line Baptist Church in Foster, RI, came and brought help for the meetings. It was also good to have Pastor Tom Crichton, founding pastor of Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple, make a special trip to be at the meetings. Pastor Crichton has always been a great blessing and encouragement. Pray that the Lord would continue working during the rest of these meetings as we ask Him to build His church in this spiritually destitute area. 


Preachers who attended the second meeting.


Pastor Tom Crichton gives credible
remarks about the new church.

Third Get Acquainted Meeting

What a wonderful third night the Lord gave to the opening meetings for East Bay Baptist Church. Pastor John Ludka of Community Baptist Church in Groton, CT, brought several church members to serve during the meeting. Greater Rhode Island Baptist was instrumental in starting Community Baptist sixteen years ago and it was encouraging to see this young church so involved with the new work. It has been a blessing to see many churches in the New England area cooperate in helping this baby church have a healthy start. There were seventy-eight in attendance including one returning and one first-time guest. This area is ripe for a strong Bible-believing church and God is firmly establishing it. Pray for the two remaining nights and that the Lord would be glorified as He builds His church.


Pastor Tony Barbosa and family.


Preachers who attended the meeting.

Pastor John Ludka give credible remarks and
shares the blessings of starting a church.

Fourth Get Acquainted Meeting

There were forty-eight in attendance with two more first-time guests during the fourth opening night for East Bay Baptist Church. It was good to see Pastor Carl Kuhn of Bible Baptist Church in Milford, MA join the services and to give support for the new church. Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh has attended each night along with a good group from Greater Rhode Island Baptist Church. It is always good to see the reproducing church so involved with the services. The guests from the community have stayed late each night and fellowshipped with Pastor Barbosa. Pray now for the fifth and final night as Pastor Barbosa preaches and shares his heart and vision for East Bay Baptist Church.


Pray for the thousands people of
East Providence who need the Lord.4cf534d5-4fec-424e-a92b-d1b1a84dfad9

The fellowship has been encouraging each night.e6f769d0-615a-4291-a409-0c0c22a3a199

Pastor Carl Kuhn attended and gave credible remarks
for the Barbosa family and the new church.

Final Get Acquainted Meeting

The cord is cut! During the final service Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh officially declared that East Bay Baptist Church is now in existence, has a constitution in place, and has Pastor Tony Barbosa as its pastor. This was a joyous occasion and one that will not be forgotten by all those involved. Pastor Barbosa also preached and passionately shared his vision and desire for the new work. Pastor Todd Stricklin of Narragansett Bay Baptist Church attended the meeting and brought several church members to serve. There were sixty-two in attendance with four returning guests from the community. Pray now for the first Sunday and that the Lord would bless and prosper this new church in East Providence, RI. 


Pastor Amsbaugh prays with
Pastor Barbosa during the service.9fdd9481-e742-4030-a4c2-685456737691

Pastor Tony Barbosa preaches.f98905a2-5101-406b-9743-620302dfb77e

Pastor Amsbaugh prays with
Pastor Barbosa during the service.

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