Dr. Jessup’s Health Update – March 2, 2013

Dr. Jessup’s Health Update – March 2, 2013


I met with the oncologist yesterday afternoon and he wants me to meet with a pancreatic surgeon as soon as possible to remove the 2.2 CM tumor quickly. The reason is because we have caught it early and it is not impacting my health or any other organ at this time. It is very important to get this tumor removed quickly.

We are praying the appointment will be this next week. We will then see what the specialist says about removing the tumor. We were told that this is a very extensive surgery that is several hours long and I would be in ICU for several days and then in the hospital for several more days. We have already been told that this cancer is likely to return even though they remove the tumor.

We already know that recovery from pancreatic cancer is slim and that the prognosis is poor for all pancreatic cancer. We also know we have a wonderful God who has brought us this far. We will continue to trust Him.

Thank you for praying for us through all this. Please pray with us as we make decisions regarding this.

Co-Laborers Together in the Great Commission,

Earl D. Jessup

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