Dr. Jessup’s Health Update – April 17, 2014

Dr. Jessup’s Health Update – April 17, 2014


This note is sent from Dr. LeRoy Pennell (BCPM Board & Dr. and Mrs. Jessup’s pastor) on the behalf of Dr. Jessup:

Brother Jessup has been having trouble with his balance in walking and getting around, plus some other concerning symptoms, for the last few weeks. A CT scan of the head was ordered. The doctor told him the “good news” that there was no brain tumor, which they had feared. However, it revealed that in the last few weeks, Dr. Jessup had suffered a small stroke. He also has two small tumoers in the bladder, but these cannot be taken care of until the stroke is dealt with. Please continue to pray for the Jessups as they deal with these serious health issues.

Since his speech and writing have been effected by the stroke, I would discourage phone calls. I am sure a note to him would be appreciated, but please do not expect a reply immediately. You may write him at ejessup@me.com.

As always, thank you for your prayers for the Jessups and BCPM.


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