Dr. Earl Jessup – October 2015

Dr. Earl Jessup – October 2015

The first few days of October have been very busy!  My wife took our daughters to the ladies’ Extravaganza at First Baptist in Rosemount, MN, and I took care of some of the grandchildren while they were away.  The past couple of days have been spent at a fellowship meeting here in Arkansas where Dr. Charlie Clark was speaking.  It was good to meet some of the pastors in this state and to hear Brother Clark.  I am planning to attend the Summit next year in New Jersey that he hosts.  I have tried to get there several times in the past, but medical appointments have kept me from attending.

Some of you already know about my latest “cysto.”  (A cysto is when they check my bladder for new tumors.)  I have had this done every three months for the past five years because every check has revealed new tumors that have required surgery.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! This time there are no new tumors in the bladder, and I do not have to have surgery for the first time in five years.   We are so very thankful for this.  Please do not misunderstand this.  There are still tumors in the lungs and one in the pancreas.  However, those are not keeping me from ministry.  A pastor friend called me recently and asked how I am doing.  I responded, “Well, I preached six times in five days, played 18 holes of golf the next, drove seven hours the next day and then preached the day following.  I think I am doing pretty well.”  He responded that he knew men in good health that could not keep that schedule.  The Lord has been so very good to us through all this, and we praise Him for it all.  Thank you for praying, and please continue to pray.

I am sure you are aware of the flooding in South Carolina.  The rain hurt the GAM in Conway, but by Sunday it was much worse.  They had 9-11 inches of rain during the storm.  Pastor Pridgen said that only seven people could get to the service on Sunday morning, and he almost did not make it home after church.  They were not able to hold the Sunday evening service at all.  His home has some water damage, but it is minor.  Other homes have been wiped away by the flood waters around Myrtle Beach and Conway.  They are trying to get things in order for this Sunday, but because the inland waters are flowing to the ocean, the flooding may get worse before it gets better.  Please pray for this new church plant.  Pastor Pridgen is encouraged by those who are excited about this new church and the salvation decisions that were made, but it is a difficult time for them right now. 

There are two other church plants on which to report since our last letter.  The church plant in Davenport went well.  They had ninety-four on their Grand Opening and the Lord is blessing.  Pastor Joel Kobernat is the new pastor of Cross Point Baptist Church so please pray for him and this new ministry.  We are just completing the GAM in Atlee, Virginia, this week.  The meetings have gone well with several churches attending the meetings with one church driving over three hours to attend.  They have had first-time visitors each night so far.  We are praying for the Grand Opening this coming Sunday and the early days of this new church.

The Reaping of the Harvest offering is upon us.  The brochure will be coming out very shortly, and we really need a very good offering this year to replenish the Seed Bank.  There were seven church plants this year with one in Portugal and it took a lot of funds to cover all our expenses, the shipping, and the John/Romans for these plants.  We are already working on seven for next year, and we certainly do not want to be a burden to the reproducing churches as we help them.  Please read carefully the brochure and pray about what you can do to help replenish the Seed Bank with an offering this fall.  It will be greatly appreciated. 

You have done so much for us through prayer and finances.  We are truly grateful.

Co-laborers Together in the Great Commission,

Earl D. Jessup

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