Dr. Earl Jessup – May 2016

Dr. Earl Jessup – May 2016


I have waited a few days into May to write my letter because I had an appointment with the oncologist May 5, and I thought I may have some news to pass along regarding my health situation.  We learned little regarding the condition in the lungs, but they are going to send me to a Chest Review Study to see if focused radiation is possible on the tumor that is pressing against the bronchial.  The biopsies and report from the bronchoscopy have not returned, but it showed no tumor in the bronchial. However, there is a large one pressing against the bronchial causing the persistent coughing.  He is also checking for tuberculosis as the upper portion of the lungs are quite inflamed.  This may be caused from a drug I have been taking.  At this point, I have had no relief from the constant cough, and we are praying something can be done.

Also, the oncologist said I may be approved for an immunotherapy drug called Opdivo.  They are having some good results using this drug with bladder cancer.  I have signed the paperwork, and now we are waiting to see if it is approved.  Please pray that this comes through soon.

I am still preaching and traveling.  This past weekend we went to Jonesboro, AR, for a meeting with Pastor Gary Winters, and we are scheduled for meetings during the summer.  Thankfully, the cough seems to at least die down some when in the pulpit.  I just have to take it easy.  Please pray I can continue to hold the meetings the Lord is giving us.

Please pray this week for the church plant in Petersburg, WV.  This is the fourth church plant the churches in West Virginia have done in the past four years.  We are so thankful for the pastors and their vision to plant churches in the area.  Ripley Baptist Temple is the reproducing church for this one, and Matt Perrine will be the pastor.  Brother Rowland is spending the week there for the GAM.  Updates will be coming out through the website and please pray for a great meeting.

We want to congratulate several of our “staff” kids.  Jaclyn Graves just graduated from West Coast Baptist College and Caleb Rowland, Kyle Rowland and Christy Graves are all graduating from high school this month.  Jaclyn is getting married in June and the other three are preparing for college.  We thank the Lord for the kids that are a part of our staff.  We have a great time with them when we get together each summer for our staff retreat.  Please pray for them as they prepare for the future.

There is so much to share, but little room.  Please go to our website at www.bcpm.org and watch the new introduction video on the ministry.  I think you will find the information very informative.  Also, the Lord has given us a new staff member.  Dr. and Mrs. Tom Stastny have joined our ministry as International Field Representatives.  We will have his bio up on the website soon and have an article in the next Cultivator introducing him.

Thanks again for your investment of prayer and finances.  Without your faithfulness, our ministry could never do what we are doing.  I hope you realize just how God is storing up eternal investment in Heaven for you. We are so very grateful.

Co-Laborers Together in the Great Commission,

Earl D. Jessup

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