Dr. Earl Jessup – March 2016

Dr. Earl Jessup – March 2016

Please forgive me for not getting a prayer letter out the first of February. I must say, this is the first time I can remember this happening for many years. We have been traveling for over a month now and around the first of February, I was preaching each night and not doing well with a new medication the oncologist had given me. I believe it has made me very tired, and I do not seem to have a lot of stamina. I spent most of my time in meetings, resting or sleeping. I am doing a bit better, but still struggling with my strength. We will be home in the middle of this month, and I will get some blood work done and see the oncologist. I believe we can get this worked out where it will not be a problem. Please pray that we do!!

As I mentioned, we have been traveling for the entire month of February and will not get home for two more weeks. It has taken us from BC in Canada to WI, MI, WV, NC, SC (where we are now), and then to VA this weekend and back to WV. Please pray for safety in travel and also strength to finish this journey.

During February, our church in Rogers, AR, has a February Fast. We did this last year and over 1000 meals were missed while people prayed. This year we each turned in our number one prayer request and indicated the days or meals we would fast during the month. All the requests were sent to the church family. One request was for the sister of one of our members. He has prayed for her for 30 years to be saved. While in Vancouver, I was not doing well, and our Pastor mentioned it to the church family. Many of them text and emailed a note to us that they were praying for us. When I got to Kalamazoo, MI, I wrote an email to the church family letting them know I was doing a bit better and mentioned that I was in Kalamazoo. The man in our church who listed his sister on the prayer list asked me to visit her since she lived in Battle Creek, only twenty minutes from where we were staying. I called and we were able to set up a meeting. We carefully went through the plan of salvation with her and on Sunday just before the service, I got this text from her. Thank you for spending time with me yesterday. I spent a lot of time on it. I think you know you made an impact on me. I said, YES! I read the text from the pulpit and the church (who had also been praying) rejoiced with us. I also sent it to her brother and our pastor and they had quite the rejoicing during the Sunday evening service. Pastor said that this showed our people that praying for a loved one for years eventually pays off. We rejoice in her salvation.

We are beginning a search for an additional staff member. Brother Clarence Moore has been our Church Planting Project Coordinator for the past several years, along with helping churches with their buildings. There is not anyone better at construction issues than Brother Moore. The demand on his time has become overwhelming. With the immigration problems caused by the increased terror threats to the US and Canada, crossing the border to help with all the church planting projects has become difficult. We have done our best to get Brother Moore a R-1 Visa to enter the US, but it has been rejected with little recourse. Because of this, Brother Moore is going to begin a ministry to help churches with building projects, and we will add someone to our staff to take on the Church Planting Coordinator responsibilities. Please begin praying with us that the Lord will provide someone, called of the Lord, who can fill this important position for our ministry. We have eight church plants this year and it will tax Brother Rowland and the rest of our staff in keeping up with the work load. If the Lord should lay someone on your heart that may be the person the Lord has for us, please contact us.

Co-Laborers Together in the Great Commission,

Earl D. Jessup

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