Dr. Earl Jessup – April 2016

Dr. Earl Jessup – April 2016

We are finally home from six weeks of travel. We were in five mission conferences, three other churches for services and a Pastors’ Luncheon for the church plant in Petersburg, WV. I think we have to face the reality that we cannot do this anymore. Six weeks is way too long to be on the road at one time. We were sooooo glad to be home. Thank you for praying for us as we traveled 4,500 miles by vehicle and 6,000 miles by air.

As I mentioned, we were in five Faith Promise Mission Conferences during our trip. I believe that over $425,000 was committed to missions in these conferences. Some were several days long and a couple were only held on a Sunday. We praise the Lord for His blessing on these churches and their faithfulness to the Lord in the area of missions. Two of these churches were churches we helped plant. One was planted in 1999 and the other in 2005. These churches have Faith Promise giving of nearly $100,000. 

It was good to be able to do the Pastors’ Luncheon in Petersburg, WV, for South Branch Baptist Church. The GAM is to be held the week of May 8th. It was wonderful to see pastors from four states attend this meeting. Some traveled over five hours to attend. The nearest church that is helping in this plant is over forty-five minutes away. These pastors committed to help the four Saturdays prior to the GAM with the J/R distribution and also to attend the evening services. They committed over $9,000 to cover the budget for this new church. It was great to see how they are working together to have a successful plant in Petersburg. Please pray for this meeting and for Pastor Matt Perrine as makes final preparations.

Pray as well for the church plant in Wapakoneta, OH, which is just south of Lima. The GAM is scheduled for the week of April 10 with the Grand Opening on April 17. Brother Rowland will be preaching the meeting and leading the services. Pray for Pastor Jerry Martin as he pastors this new church.

As soon as I returned home, I began a series of appointments that will not end for a couple of weeks. The CT revealed that the drug the oncologist has given me is working to some degree. Some of the tumors are just shells, but the largest tumor is still very distinguishable. It is pressing against the bronchial and is causing a very persistent cough that is at times uncontrollable. I am staying on the drug for six more weeks, and they will do an X-Ray to see if it is any better. If not, they are considering “focused radiation” to see if they can reduce it in size. My stamina is slowing down as well, and I cannot walk great distances any longer. They are doing a stress test next week to see if it could be the heart. The cardiologist does not think that is the case, but they are going to check. They also want me to see a pulmonary specialist to see if a “stent” can be placed in the bronchial to help with the cough and breathing. Please pray for us as we make decisions regarding all this.

Thankfully, I am able to preach and travel. I just have to pace myself a bit more. I am very thankful for the wonderful staff that are helping with most of the work. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide the right man to be our Project Coordinator.

Thank you for your help to us in this ministry. Without your faithful prayer and financial investment, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to continue. Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you for your sacrifice for us.

Co-Laborers Together in the Great Commission,

Earl D. Jessup

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