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Loren Steven – May 2015


“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” Psalm 127:1

The month of April was a month of blessings as two churches were birthed. The first was in Easton, MD, that we reported on last month. Just a few days later, Bro. Jim McCourt, working closely with BCPM board member Rick Rust (pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio), reproduced the Oregon Baptist Church in the town of Oregon, Ohio.

Dr. Earl Jessup – May 2015

We have finally gotten into our new home in Bentonville, Arkansas.  We closed on April 20 and began the task of unpacking boxes and setting up the furniture.  It is going pretty well, but there is still much to do.  We are thankful for all who have prayed for us during this transition.  
We are also getting settled into Gospel Light Baptist Church in Rogers.  We joined the church as soon as we made our move to Bentonville, and we enjoy the ministry a great deal.  The pastor is…

Jeremy Rowland – May 2015

We recently were privileged to be a part of two church plants where the Lord blessed in unique ways. The first was in Easton, MD where the Get Acquainted Meetings took place March 29-April 2. The reproducing church was Capitol City Baptist in Dover, DE under the leadership of Pastor Terri Moore and the new pastor is Jake Reid. They had a steady stream of visitors and on their first official Sunday they had forty in attendance with eleven first-time guests. The second church plant took plac…

Clarence Moore – March – April 2015


We arrived back in Canada a few days ago and winter is definitely over. Although there is ice in places where the sun can’t get to there are many signs of new life as the perennials push there way up through the soil. Spring is always an exciting time to see things come to life from their dormant stages. For our ministry spring is usually busy as this has proven to be one of the most successful times to plant new churches. As I write this letter Living Word Baptist Church in Oregon, Ohio…

Loren Steven – April 2015


The verse I have been meditating upon this new quarter of 2015 is Malachi 2:6, “The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips; he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity.” I want that to be the testimony of my life.

It is a blessing to hear that the new church that you prayed for, birthed in Casa Grande, AZ, is continuing to do well.

We are also excited to continue praying for Pastor Jake Reid as he pastors Easton Baptist…

Dr. Earl Jessup – April 2015

We have just returned from a thirty-five day trip to the East Coast where I preached twenty-one times in five different states.  I preached in two mission conferences, in two colleges and in six churches. We were able to raise over $3,600.00 for the General Fund through love offerings and honorariums; one church has already decided to invest in BCPM.  There are a couple more that may take on the ministry. Please pray that they do.  We are thankful for safety in traveling over 4,000…

Dr. Earl Jessup – March 2015

Thank you for praying!!!! We needed it so badly, from the surgery on February 3rd, the packing during the month, the winter travel to Arkansas and the travel and preaching at end the month. We are so thankful for a staff that has carried the load of ministry during this time as well with the church plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, and the preparations for the upcoming church plants. We have four church plants scheduled by the end of May.
My wife believes that the surgery on February 3…

Jeremy Rowland – March 2015

The last few weeks have been busy with the birth of a new church and with helping young churches with their missions conferences. New Life Baptist Church got off to a healthy start in Casa Grande, AZ. Pastor Ray McCormick is the new pastor and he has been busy following up on all the visitors they have had. It was good to see so many local churches helping with this church plant including Open Door Baptist in Catalina, AZ with Pastor Kurt Kramer. BCPM helped birth Open Door five years ago…

Loren Steven – March 2015


February started with many, many blessings. There was the victorious start of New Life Baptist Church, in Casa Grande, AZ. Many individuals attended the Get-Acquainted Meetings, and the first Sunday they rejoiced with over eighty in attendance. More than sixty of these were from the community. Earlier in the month, Dr. Jessup had successful surgery to remove several tumors. He went into surgery at eight a.m. and was home by two p.m. Just a few days later, movers loaded their household goods…

Dr. Earl Jessup – February 2015

I waited a few days to write this letter in order to have the results of my bladder surgery. I had the surgery February 3, and it went very well. The four tumors in the bladder and the one tumor attached to the prostate were removed and thankfully, no new tumors showed up in the past two months. I went into the hospital at 8:00 AM and was home by 1:30 PM. We praise the Lord that no complications have shown up, and I am recovering nicely. I should be back to a full schedule of activities…

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