Atlee Baptist Church – Atlee, VA

Atlee Baptist Church – Atlee, VA

Pray for a new church plant in Atlee, VA. The Get Acquainted Meetings will be held Sunday, October 4 through Thursday, October 8. Over 20,000 John and Roman booklets have gone out into the community in attempt to get the gospel into every house and to invite people to the special meetings. The reproducing church is Calvary Baptist in Spotsylvania, VA, under the leadership of Pastor Ron Owens and the new pastor is Pastor Justin Spradlin. This is the second time BCPM has had the privilege of helping Calvary Baptist reproduce a church in a nearby community and we are thrilled to assist them again. Pray for spiritual fruit and that a vibrant, healthy local church will be reproduced this week in Atlee.

Groups were meeting each Saturday to distribute
John and Roman booklets into the community.

First Get Acquainted Meeting

There were forty-six in attendance with four visitors from the community during the first Get Acquainted Meeting for Atlee Baptist Church. Pastor Ron Owens brought a group from the reproducing church, Calvary Baptist in Spotsylvania, to help serve during the meeting. Pastor Brian Alphin also drove up from Calvary Baptist in New Bern, NC, a three and a half hour drive, to attend the meeting and show support for the new church. BCPM will be helping Pastor Alphin reproduce a church in Washington, NC in the Spring of 2016. There has been extensive rain over the weekend and has hindered some from driving to the meeting. Please pray for the weather to improve and for the Lord to continue to work in Atlee, VA.

Calvary Baptist brought their choir to
sing a special during the service. Pastor Alphin gave credible remarks for the new church and prayed for the offering.
He drove over three and a half hours with his wife to attend the meetings.


Second Get Acquainted Meeting

Pastor Mike Reid brought members from his church, Temple Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA, to help with the second Get Acquainted Meeting. Temple Baptist is the “grandparent” church to Atlee Baptist and it is a thrill to see churches reproduce churches that are reproducing churches! Temple was a great help and brought ushers, nursery workers, special singing, refreshments, and an offering. There were thirty-seven in attendance with three more first-time guests and two returning. One lady who attended the first night said she liked what she saw and so she brought her friend for the second night. The weather has cleared up and the days are sunny and we are praying for the Lord to continue to work in the three remaining nights.

Preachers who attended.

Signs play such vital role in giving direction and
advertising the new church.


Third Get Acquainted Meeting

The Lord blessed the third Get Acquainted Meeting with one more guest from the community. Calvary Baptist in Spotsylvania brought members again to help and has made a tremendous effort to support these meetings this week. Most of the members drove right from work and some drove over an hour and a half to attend the meetings. Pastor Charles Alphas, retired pastor of third-seven years, also attended to show his support of the new work and even brought a pulpit for the new church to have if needed. God has been working in these meetings with decisions being made which has strengthened both the new church and the visiting churches. Continue to pray for the remaining two nights and that God would continue to build His church in Atlee, VA.

Pastor Justin Spradlin with his wife Rachel.

Missionary Michael Goosman prays for the offering.


Fourth Get Acquainted Meeting

Pastor Jeff Hill of Vision Baptist Church in Ladysmith, VA brought several church members to attend the fourth meeting and to show their support. BCPM had the privilege of helping Calvary Baptist reproduce Vision Baptist four years ago. It was also a privilege to have Dr. Don Forrester, former president if Virginia Baptist College, attended the meetings and give credible remarks about Pastor Spradlin and the new church. There were thirty-seven in attendance with one returning guest from the community. Calvary Baptist has done a wonderful Job making the commitment and attending the services. Their support for this new church is and will be an encouragement to future church plants. Pray now for the fifth and final meeting as Pastor Spradlin preaches and shares his heart and vision for Atlee Baptist Church.

Preachers who attended the fourth meeting.

Dr. Forrester gives credible remarks for about
Pastor Spradlin and the new church.


Final Get Acquainted Meeting

The cord is cut! Pastor Ron Owens of Calvary Baptist Church, the reproducing church, “cut the cord” to Atlee Baptist Church during the final Get Acquainted Meeting. Pastor Owens read the declarations explaining that Calvary voted Atlee Baptist into existence, appointed Justin Spradlin as the pastor, and adopted the constitution. He then cut the spiritual umbilical cord establishing Atlee Baptist as an autonomous independent Baptist church. Pastor Justin Spradlin then preached and shared his heart and vision for the new church. There were fifty-eight in attendance with four fist-time guests. Virginia Baptist College sent a group to sing and help with the service. Pastor Jerry Davis of Broadway Baptist Church in Hopewell, VA and Pastor Jeff Hill of Vision Baptist Church in Ladysmith, VA also attended the meeting to show their support. This was a very special and historic day for this new church. Pray now for their first official Sunday and that the Lord would build His church for His glory in Atlee, VA.

Pastor Owens demonstrates cutting the umbilical cord.

Pastor Justin Spradlin preaches.

The Virginia Baptist College choir sings.

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