First Century Church Planting

Video Church Planting Training Course

First Century Church Planting Sample Session

Course Overview

The First Century Church Planting College course is a course on church planting using the Jerusalem church as a model. This is a biblical course on church planting suited for colleges, seminaries, Bible institutes, and any serious Bible student wanting to understand church planting from a biblical perspective. These twenty-five sessions are fifty minutes long and will guide the student through a biblical and practical perspective on effective church planting. The student will gain a biblical view of how churches should reproduce churches using the Jerusalem church model found in the book of Acts.

Sessions Included

A Biblical Philosophy of Church Planting
Biblical Foundation for Churches Reproducing Churches 
The Jerusalem Church and Church Planting
Church-Planting LessonsTaught by Jesus
Developing Pastoral Leadership for Church Planting
Not a Novice
Practical Lessons for Churches
Reproducing Churches Planning a Successful Church Plant
Selecting an Area for a New Church Plant
Buildings for a Church Plant
Financing a New Church
Using a Checklist when Planting a Church
Holding a Pastor’s Luncheon
Effectively Promoting the Church Plant
Credibility: The Key to Beginning Successfully
Properly Organizing a New Church
Making The “Get-Acquainted Meetings” Successful
Conducting The “Get-Acquainted Meetings”
The “Grand Opening Sunday”
Developing a Missions Program
Why Churches Do Not Survive the First Two Years
Effective Leadership in a New Church
When Others Come from Good Baptist Churches
Goals for the Fifth Anniversary
Church Planting: The LongTerm Impact

 The cost for the twenty-five sessions on DVD and one teacher manual is $295. Student manuals and extra teacher manuals are $39.00 each.