A Thank You from Bro Rowland

A Thank You from Bro Rowland

The Lord blessed with a wonderful home going service for Dr. Earl Jessup. The family and Pastor Cwenar did an exceptional job of organizing and orchestrating the entire celebration service, and it was one that will not be forgotten. Over 3,500 have watched the service online at the Baptist Church Planting Ministry Facebook page. So many stories could be shared of how Dr. Jessup touched lives and encouraged preachers and churches to reproduce churches. Only eternity will tell of the long-lasting effects that Dr. Jessup and BCPM has had on individuals and our churches. Please continue to pray for the family, especially for Mrs. Jessup, as she cared for him for so many years. Pray for comfort, grace and peace during the days ahead.

Please continue to also pray for our ministry as the Lord continues to prosper it. Dr. Jessup did a great job preparing the ministry for the time when the Lord would take him home. Over seven years ago, Dr. Jessup and I met and discussed a plan of action so that, when this time came, the ministry would continue on. Over these years, we have been able to see the Lord bless BCPM in a wonderful way with156 church plants in nine different countries. We will be involved with five church plants in the next two months, and we are already scheduling church plants into 2017 and 2018. Just as much as God has blessed the last twenty-three years, I am excited to see the ministry of BCPM expand and thrive for decades to come. Our purpose will always be the same, helping churches reproduce churches.

As BCPM continues to flourish, please also pray for the financial needs. Dr. Jessup made a plea in his last letter for churches to continue their support for our ministry and, so far, several pastors have contacted BCPM to let us know their support will continue and that they would even give an offering to the Seed Bank in honor of Dr. Jessup. Although I personally know most of our supporting pastors, I would like the opportunity to meet each of them. My wife and I will be traveling most of the country in the next nine months, and we would love a chance to visit with them when we are in their area.

With the death rate of churches and the explosive population growth, the world is in desperate need of the truth and light that local churches bring. Establishing more local churches is the answer! Time is short, and we have been commanded to reach our generation. Thank you for investing in BCPM as we help churches reproduce churches that will eventually reach the world. Our ministry team looks forward to serving you. If you have any questions or if I can be of help to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Serving together,

Jeremy Rowland

General Director

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