Dr. Earl Jessup-February 2012

Spring is just weeks away and with it comes new church plants around the country.  This spring, we have three churches we are helping reproduce new churches.  The first will be in Orangeville, ON, in early April followed by one in Cranberry, PA, two weeks later. The third church plant will be in Vernon, BC, in early May. Lord willing, I will be able to be in the Orangeville church plant and possibly in the Vernon plant as well.

As we prepare for these plants, we are busy with the pastor luncheons and the John/Romans preparation. We will be distributing over 75,000 John/Romans in these communities.  Please pray that these preparations go well, and that we can get them on site and distributed to these communities prior to the Get-Acquainted Meetings.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to use these booklets for our church planting ministry.  I believe it is one of the most useful tools in reaching families.  We praise the Lord that there is still some respect for the Word of God.  We are also thankful for the churches and individuals that have given help in getting the John/Romans into homes around the world.

I have spent some time over the winter writing.  I am working on a book on the church and also the manual on church planting.  It seems that much time is taken with the day-to-day operation of the ministry, but I want to give some time to writing.  Please pray that I am able to do this.

I would like for you to pray about a church planting project on which I am working. There is a community of nearly 75,000 homes in Canada, and we have two church planters interested in going to this community.  I would like to put together a concerted effort to plant two churches in the same community at the same time.  I have just begun working on this, and I need to get all the participants together to discuss the details of this project.  To my knowledge, this has never been done before, but it would be a wonderful testimony to see two men work in reaching such a large community.  There are no other independent Baptist churches in the city.  We would like to see this come together by the fall, if all goes well.  Please pray to that end.

I am also spending some time in appointments with medical personnel.  I cannot go into detail at this point, but I would appreciate your prayers concerning another medical “issue.”  Hopefully, it is nothing serious and at this time it is not keeping me from the ministry, but it is a concern and the doctors involved want me to get more testing.  Because of this, my travel is limited, but not my preaching.  I am holding meetings, but most are pretty close to home.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to allow me to be used in helping churches.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us.  As for an update on the cancer, right now we are waiting on the April 2nd CT Scan.  We will know something pretty soon after that, and we will hold off writing the April letter until we have that information.  I am getting along fine and beginning to exercise on a regular basis.  I am now walking .75 miles in fifteen minutes.  I would like to get up to two miles in forty minutes by spring.  Please continue to pray for me.

The Lord has cared for our ministry through the past few years of economic downturn.  We know this is due to your faithfulness to pray and giving to meet the needs.  Without your help and sacrifice, we would never be able to continue.  Thank you so much for it.  The new churches that have been planted owe a great debt of gratitude to you.  We love you so much for all you have done for us. 

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