Rev. Jeremy Rowland-February 2011

As many of you know, I struggled with pneumonia the first couple weeks of January.  I have never had pneumonia before and hopefully never will again. It was hard to be down that long, but I am thankful that I am totally over it now. Many people called and emailed to say that they were praying for me and I appreciate the care, concern and the prayers.

I was privileged to travel with my family to Bridgeton, Maine on Jan. 12-16 to preach the Missions Conference of New Heights Baptist Church. We helped reproduce this church last May 2010 and it was exciting to see the church get involved with missions.  Pastor Carl Morrison is doing a great job and the church seems to have unity and a genuine desire to serve the Lord. One of the blessings of the trip was a testimony time when one of the ladies said how God spoke to her heart when she visited during the Get Acquainted Meetings in May. God used the Get Acquainted Meetings to stir her and her family to eventually joining the church and being faithful servants. Of the churches membership, there are at least 14 others that visited the Get Acquainted Meetings and eventually joined the church. It showed me even more the importance of the Get-Acquainted Meetings and the value of a healthy birth of a church. Pray for New Heights Baptist as they get seriously involved with missions.

Many have asked about the progress of our 1987 MCI bus conversion. I am pleased to announce that it is nearly finished.  God has provided in marvelous ways. Two specific needs were met recently, when God provided a special gift for furniture and also a special gift of a brand new rooftop Air Conditioner. We praise the Lord for how he has provided us with this new means of transportation. There will be more specifics and pictures of the bus on our website soon.

The church plants are shaping up well for this new year, the first being in Afton, VA in April. The preparation time is always exciting for these new churches. Please pray for the preparation of these new churches and we will keep you informed by email and through our website.

Praises: My son, Ryan, received Christ as his Savior. We praise the Lord that the whole family is saved now.  We are thankful for five other churches that have taken us on for support.

Prayer Requests: Pray for my wife as she has surgery on Feb. 23, pray that she will recover well. We had to change our schedule around, but we feel that this is needed surgery. Pray for Dr. Jessup as he goes to Mexico for more treatments and that God would give he and his family wisdom to deal with this cancer.

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