Open Door Baptist Church, Catalina, AZ

The following is a report about the Open Door Baptist Church planted in Catalina, Arizona, during their Get-Acquainted Meetings from February 10-12, 2010. The first Sunday services will take place on Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 (A Pre-Church-Plant John/Romans Distribution Report)
Please pray for the Catalina church plant’s Get-Acquainted Meetings starting tomorrow and going through Friday. The distribution has gone very well with every home getting a John & Romans and a separate mail-out invitation. We have also canvassed more than 2,500 homes in the last two days. Pastor Kramer has successfully saturated this community and has had positive responses with many contacts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
The opening meeting for Open Door Baptist Church in Catalina, AZ went very well with 80 in attendance including 12 first-time visitors from the area. One visiting family said that they had been praying for a good church to come to in the area. The sending church, Sun and Shield Baptist, did a great job with special music and helping in areas like ushering and nursery. The spirit was great! Please pray for the remaining two nights and their first Sunday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We had 45 people in attendance tonight with one more visitor tonight from the area. This totals 13 visitors. We had a visiting pastor, Pastor Armstrong, from Tucson Baptist Temple. God moved in the service and the invitation saw many people coming forward and praying for this new church. Please pray for the last night and for Pastor Kramer to preach with the spirit of God upon him.

Friday, February 12, 2010
The third and final Get-Acquainted Meeting of the Open Door Baptist Church in Catalina, Arizona was greatly attended and blessed of the Lord. There were 108 in attendance with 9 more first-time visitors. The total first-time visitors for the week is at 22. The special singing and preaching of Kurt Kramer glorified the Lord in a unique way. Pastor Kramer preached with compassion and conviction and laid out the vision for the new church. Please pray for their first Sunday, Valentine’s Day, that they will have many visitors and souls will be saved for the glory of God.

The new church website is located at www.odbccatalina.org.

Click here to view the pictures of this church plant.

Updates were provided by Rev. Jeremy Rowland, Assistant Director

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Vasile Corniciuc —

We have been praying for your opening Sunday. God bless!

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Ken Savage —

God Bless you all and your new church. Our church members from Southern Hills Baptist Church are praying for your success and God’s Blessings

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